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What future does your community want?

Published : 05/10/20 | Categories: Influencing | Information & support |

We are looking for community organisations who want to support people in their communities to shape their future.

We are inviting organisations to put forward an expression of interest to get involved in a pilot. Two will be selected.

The organisations will work with leading experts who will facilitate online activities for communities to create a vision and action plan for the future. The partner organisations will be responsible for recruiting participants from their community and supporting their involvement. The organisation will receive £1000 in recognition of their time.

We aim to build on recent work in which diverse voluntary and community groups have engaged in discussions about how we can shape a positive future in the wake of Covid-19.

This project will create a toolkit for communities across Wales to help them imagine and plan for the future. For more information contact betterfutures@wcva.cymru or dyfodolgwell@wcva.cymru.

If you’re interested, please complete these quick questions by 20 October 2020.

This is a partnership project between WCVA and School of International Futures (SOIF), supported by the Better Futures Wales advisory group. The Better Future Wales advisory group will act as a sounding board and ensure diverse perspectives shape the work. This is a diverse group of voluntary sector leaders and some independent voices. It brings perspectives from local and community levels as well as young people, but also from the BAME community, carers, people from different parts of Wales, welsh speakers and people working across environmental, economic, social and cultural issues.

Anna Nicholl, WCVA Director of Strategy and Sector Development, said: ‘This is a great opportunity for organisations to help develop their communities to make them more resilient for the future. Please take part in the survey – even the feedback of those organisations not selected to take part will help a great deal in future work on the subject of community resilience.’

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