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Welsh Government launches new Code of Safeguarding Practice

Published : 02/02/22 | Categories: News |

The new Code of Safeguarding Practice sets out Welsh Government expectations in relation to safeguarding arrangements.

The Code of Safeguarding Practice is laid out for all organisations to follow where their activities are not already subject to statutory requirements relating to safeguarding.

This advice is for individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or services to children and adults in Wales to assist them in understanding the safeguarding arrangements they should have to operate safely and to safeguard all participants.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. Welsh Government expects individuals, groups and organisations offering activities or services to follow this advice. This will demonstrate reasonable steps are being taken to ensure the safety of children and adults at risk.

WCVA welcomes the Code of Safeguarding Practice which will provide useful advice for voluntary sector organisations. We responded to the consultation on the draft code and are pleased to see WCVA’s resources and support services mentioned in the guidance:

You can download a copy of the Code from the Welsh Government website.

Safeguarding should be a priority for all voluntary organisations, especially those that work with children, young people and adults at risk. Good and appropriate safeguarding provides public reassurance about your organisation and contributes to the positive reputation of the sector in general.

WCVA’s Safeguarding service offers support and guidance to voluntary organisations operating in Wales, alongside the County Voluntary Councils across Wales. You can information sheets and e-learning resources on the Third Sector Support Wales Knowledge Hub.


  • Free enquiry service offering one-to-one, confidential advice and information from our Safeguarding Officer
  • Free information, guidance and resources on safeguarding
  • Presentations, information sessions and surgeries for your organisation or members
  • A range of learning opportunities, including online modules, webinars and face-to-face training courses
  • A Safeguarding Community of Practice to bring voluntary sector safeguarding practitioners together

If you have any questions about safeguarding, you can get in touch with our Safeguarding Officer who will be happy to help:

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