Gwraig wenu yn eistedd wrth y bwrdd

It’s Welsh Charities Week – let’s celebrate our sector!

Published : 13/11/23 | Categories: News |

This week is Welsh Charities Week, from 13 – 17 November 2023, recognising the good work of charities, social enterprises, voluntary organisations and community and volunteer groups in Wales.

The last few years have seen the sector and country as a whole endure a series of challenges and difficult circumstances. Welsh Charities Week is a chance to recognise and celebrate all the work that people and organisations across the voluntary sector in Wales do to shine a bit of light in the dark. It’s an opportunity to come together and show appreciation, to remind people that what they do makes a difference.


Wales has a long, storied history of volunteering and voluntary action, something that remains a big part of Welsh culture today. Charities are not only a lifeline for the most vulnerable they are there for people in the good times and the bad, taking seemingly small steps that add up to a big difference.

Over the course of the week we’ll be sharing stories, saying thanks and highlighting the good work that people in Wales do. We want the entire sector to get involved, whether that’s charities, volunteers, community groups or social enterprises, we want to hear about it all.


There are plenty of easy ways to get involved in #WelshCharitiesWeek. Why not…

  • SHARE A SHORT VIDEO: Create a video about your work on social media and remember to use #WelshCharitiesWeek. We’ve created a simple guide on how to create your video that can be found on the Welsh Charities Week website.
  • HIGHLIGHT YOUR STAFF OR VOLUNTEERS: Tell the world about a staff member, volunteer or team and the difference they make by posting on social media, or organise a celebration for them using one of our Party Packs that are available on the Welsh Charities Week website. Post your thank you message and any photos you might have on social media using #WelshCharitiesWeek (please make sure you have the consent of everyone featured).
  • SHARE THE CAMPAIGN PACK: Send the Welsh Charities Week campaign pack  available on the website to your friends, supporters and partners and ask them to support your work by getting involved in Welsh Charities Week.


Keep an eye out on the #WelshCharitiesWeek hashtag on social media (#WythnosElusennauCymru yn Gymraeg), where we’ll be posting and reposting about the stories that matter most to you. We would love your support in spreading the word about Welsh Charities Week 2023. On the Welsh Charities Week website you’ll find the campaign pack that offers a variety of ideas to help your supporters to get involved in Welsh Charities Week and our voluntary organisation pack contains resources to help spread the word about the week far and wide.

You can also sign up to our mailing lists to get information about Welsh Charities Week straight into your mailbox.


Welsh Charities Week is a great time for people to give something back, by showing appreciation, fundraising or even volunteering. With the new Volunteering Wales platform it’s easier than ever for volunteers to sign up and lend their experience and good will to the sector, and there’s no better time to register than now.

Register your volunteering opportunities for free at

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