WCVA is ninth biggest Covid-19 funder in UK

WCVA is ninth biggest Covid-19 funder in UK

Published : 12/02/21 | Categories: Funding | News |

According to data published by UK grant makers WCVA is number nine in a list of the Covid-19 funders that have distributed the highest number of grants.

WCVA has come out as the ninth biggest Covid-19 funder in the UK, but we’re encouraging more organisations to apply with concerns about the availability of such funding in the future.

At WCVA we recently registered with 360Giving in order to be more transparent about the funding that we give out. 360Giving is a charity that helps organisations to openly publish grants data. The data is in turn used to improve charitable giving across the UK.

According to the most recent data on 360Giving’s Covid-19 Grants Tracker, WCVA is the ninth highest Covid-19 funder in terms of the number of grants given out, having distributed 461 Covid-related grants to date. WCVA joins major UK funders such as Sport England (which tops the list), The National Lottery and BBC Children in need.

The list is comprised of some 106 funders from across the UK, with a total of £471 million awarded since March 2020 across more than 27,000 grants.


While WCVA is pleased to have done its part in getting much needed funding out to voluntary organisations in Wales, there are worries about the future.

‘We were glad to see our name amongst some of the big funders in the UK,’ said Matthew Brown, Director of Operations at WCVA. ‘But we do have concerns that as a sector we could be reaching a funding cliff edge.

‘We are grateful to Welsh Government and other funders that have financed our grants, allowing voluntary organisations to help the most vulnerable in society during this awful time.

‘However, we are worried about the uncertainty of funding over the coming months, so we’d very much encourage organisations to take advantage of Covid-19 funding through WCVA while it’s available.’


WCVA is currently accepting applications to the Voluntary Services Recovery Fund (VSRF), a grant scheme for voluntary organisations providing vital support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 are available for charities, CICs and (constituted) not-for-profit organisations of all kinds working at a community scale up to a national level in Wales.

Visit the VSRF page for more information.

In addition to this a new round of the Wales and Africa Grant Scheme is now open which is focusing on projects that help partnerships adapt for the COVID-19 pandemic.

WCVA’s open grants data can be found on our impact page.

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