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WCVA is moving house

Published : 11/11/19 | Categories: News |

WCVA is moving house
2 Sep 2019
We’re relocating our offices and we want to use the opportunity to create a shared space for the voluntary sector in Wales.

At WCVA we’ve been thinking long and hard about our role and what we can do to ensure that voluntary organisations in Wales are ready for the challenges ahead. That’s why we’ve refreshed our purpose and given ourselves a clear focus for the future – to enable voluntary organisations in Wales to make a bigger difference together.

You can read more about our new purpose here.

We’ve been clear we want to change the way we work and so we need office space that can empower us to do that.

A new home for the voluntary sector in Wales?

Back in January we asked you for your views on a collaborative office space for the sector. We had a great response from members and partners and a sincere thank you to everyone that took part.

gofod3, Wales’ space for the third sector, has been a triumph in getting people from the sector together. Our annual event is designed as a space to learn from each other, to motivate and inspire one another.

We think this open and collaborative approach could be more than something that just happens once a year. Based on conversations we’ve had with you, we’re now beginning the process of working with the sector to develop a shared permanent base in Cardiff that’s more than just a building.

We want to bring together people and organisations from across the sector both as a space for people to work but also as a focal point for the sector to meet, discuss, inform, collaborate and innovate.

Join the new hub for the voluntary sector

We want to work with the voluntary sector in Wales to develop this shared space. We’ll be sharing more information about our plans over the coming weeks. If you’re interested in getting involved or finding out more please contact Matthew Brown on

WCVA offices in Aberystwyth and Rhyl

As the national body for voluntary organisation in Wales we’re keeping our roots firmly grounded across the country. All our current offices are being put up for sale in order to find office space that helps us change the way we work. As well as a hub in Cardiff we’ll be searching for alternative office space in Aberystwyth and Rhyl.

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