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Wales panel rep needed for IiV volunteering standard

Published : 11/01/22 | Categories: News | Volunteering |

Join the Quality Assurance panel to represent Investing in Volunteers  Wales and contribute to ensuring consistency in the IiV process across the UK.

The Investing in Volunteers UK Operations Group has reviewed its Quality Assurance process, under the guidance of the UKVF UK Volunteering Forum. We are seeking to appoint voluntary representative for Wales on the UK Investing in Volunteers Quality Assurance Panel. A knowledge of the Standard and of quality systems in general would be helpful.

If you know of anyone who may be interested please get in touch with Korina Tsioni ktsioni@wcva.cymru, Investing in Volunteers country manager in Wales.

What is Investing in Volunteers (IiV)

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management, and it is managed by WCVA in Wales.

Investing in Volunteers is owned by the lead volunteer development agencies in each respective country of the UK (UK Volunteering Forum – UKVF).

Investing in Volunteers is led by Volunteer Scotland in Scotland, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) in Wales and Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland.  Volunteer Now is currently the key contact for organisations in England and the Republic of Ireland too.

For more information on IiV, its benefits and process please visit https://investinginvolunteers.co.uk/

QA Panel and Role of Independent Panel Member in Wales

The Quality Assurance (QA) Panel consists of a Lead Assessor representative from each of the four countries ( Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland) and external Independent Members with specific experience and expertise in delivering quality systems.

The Panel is led by an Independent Chair, appointed by the UKVF.

The purpose of the QA Panel is to ensure that quality is being maintained in IiV across the UK and report on this to UKVF. They do this by providing a moderation role on the whole process.

  • The Panel’s role is to: Monitor quality and consistency of assessment practice and procedures against the standard.
  • Provide assurance to the Awarding Body that Assessors and Lead Assessors are operating in accordance with good quality standards and procedures.
  • Ensure standardisation of assessment practice.
  • Ensure that Assessors/Lead Assessors are competent in their roles, monitoring:
    • competence in assessment
    • competence in report writing
    • knowledge of the standards and good practice
    • knowledge of the system and documentation
    • understanding of the QA process.
  • Provide support and an extra quality check if the LA and Country Manager raise a “red flag” during the process
  • Hear appeals from registered organisations and report complaints to the UKVF.

The QA panel will meet as a group once a year, with the first meeting to take place in April 2022.

Every quarter the Independent Panel members will sample all documentation in up to two organisations’ folders and provide feedback to the Lead Assessor responsible for the organisations. An annual report will go from the QA Panel to UKVF.

We have already filled the role of Lead Assessor rep for Wales.

We are therefore looking for the Independent Panel member role for Wales – this is the Wales voluntary representative on the UK Investing in Volunteers Quality Assurance Panel.  Please get in touch with Korina Tsioni to express interest- ktsioni@wcva.cymru

If you are interested in this role please send your Expression of Interest to ktsioni@wcva.cymru by end of day (11.59pm) Wednesday 26 January.

We are asking for expressions of interest by email, explaining;

  1.    Why you are interested in undertaking the role
  2.    What relevant experience you bring to the role

Deadline: end of day (11.59pm) Wednesday 26 January.

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