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Wales funding organisations work together to deliver £20m in grants during pandemic

Published : 29/06/20 | Categories: Funding |

The main grant giving organisations in Wales, who meet regularly as the Wales Funders’ Forum, have today announced that they’ve distributed a total of £20m to communities in Wales so far during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The main grant giving organisations in Wales have stepped up to respond to the crisis; they are sharing information and have sped up their grant giving processes to get money to where it is needed most. They want everyone to know that they are open and grants are available,’ explained Carol Mack, Chief Executive of the Association of Charitable Foundations and Chair of the Wales Funders’ Forum.

Working together

‘Working together as part of the Wales Funders’ Forum and collectively passing the milestone of £20 million in grants distributed during lockdown means that many more organisations are able to continue their much-needed work.’

‘The Moondance Foundation launched its Covid-19 Relief Fund at the end of March, and has been quick to respond to the numerous requests for help received from all across Wales,’ said Diane Briere de l’Isle Engelhardt, Chair of the Moondance Foundation.

‘This crisis has adversely impacted so many, and we are pleased that we have been able to provide support and relief to about 400 organisations, totalling in excess of £4.6 million.’

The National Lottery Community Fund has reallocated its funds raised by players of the National Lottery and are now prioritising initiatives that support communities through the Coronavirus outbreak.

John Rose said ‘Like other funders we have taken radical and definitive steps to meet the impact of the crisis on Wales’ communities head on.

‘I am proud of the way The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales moved swiftly to keep National Lottery money flowing into communities in these challenging times. It has been inspiring seeing how volunteers and communities have come together, and we’ve worked closely with the other funding organisations to ensure communities receive the financial support they need.’

‘This support is not enough.’

Our Chief Executive Ruth Marks added that ‘we’re delighted to be collaborating with others as part of the Wales Funders’ Forum to ensure that funds are reaching as many organisations as possible at this time.

‘Funds made available by UK and Welsh Governments and members of the Wales Funders Forum have played a big part in supporting voluntary organisations financially through the Covid-19 crisis, however we know that this support is not enough to cover the income deficit left by the pandemic.’

The other funders in the Forum, including Community Foundation Wales, The Waterloo Foundation and Pen-y-Cymoedd Community Fund have been similarly agile and changed how they work to meet the crisis, including reducing the turnaround time between organisations submitting applications and receiving a grant. Details of their original responses to the Covid-19 crisis are available here.

Members of the Wales Funders’ Forum are now looking ahead to the next stage; how they can support organisations to recover and make plans for what their new futures look like, a statement about the ongoing plans will be available on our coronavirus page.

Details of the funding currently available in Wales including a dedicated page on Coronavirus funding is available on Funding Wales.

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