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Volunteer learning resources and COVID-19

Published : 11/05/20 | Categories: Information & support | Volunteering |

There is a need for easily accessible, online learning resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to equip volunteers for new roles, or for roles that they will be carrying out under different circumstances at this time.

In addition, this may be an opportunity for volunteers to engage in wider, self directed learning which may be relevant to their future aspirations.

Below are details of freely available resources which may be useful.

Please note: Learning resources that are not specifically for Wales may be useful on many topics, but please be aware that there are often differences between countries in relation to legislative and policy positions – for example COVID-19 restrictions, safeguarding, or domestic abuse. Users are advised to check that the material is suitable for their intended audience.


COVID-19- specific guidance which is relevant to volunteering is posted on the WCVA website;  new  information is posted here regularly.


A new suite of resources, developed by WJEC/City and Guilds and supported by the sector and Social Care Wales, supports learning towards new health and care qualifications.

There are workbooks to support the All Wales Induction Framework and resources on the  Learning Hub, which hosts  learning material relevant to the Social services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act. There are on resources on dementia and unpaid carers,  for example and new learning modules on the Wales’ Safeguarding Procedures are due to be uploaded soon;  Wales Safeguarding procedures can be downloaded  as an app  from, as  a handy reference and learning resource.

Social Care Wales  has published information and resources  specific to COVID-19, including guidance on volunteering in social care settings


A series of four videos to support health and social care during COVID-19  has been developed by Carmarthenshire CC, covering  PPE, manual handling, personal care and infection control. They are based on the All Wales Induction Framework and are accessible to staff and volunteers.

Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly Social Care workforce development have published six short videos aimed at workers or volunteers supporting social care:


Learning@Wales is a NHS learning platform that hosts over 350 courses., including courses to support particularly during the COVID outbreak. Key topics include safeguarding, infection prevention and control, information governance, health and safety, fire safety, carer awareness, domestic abuse and equality.

The platform can be accessed free of charge by individuals and organisations, including volunteers, that support the public sector in Wales.    An account  first needs to be created by the Digital Learning Team, which can be contacted at or via the live chat on


North Wales Safeguarding Board has produced a series of 7 minute briefings on a range of safeguarding topics, as a refresher for practitioners and individuals.


The Open University has  published free online learning  including courses in English and Welsh relating to  Social care and Psychology.


A new education portal  developed by Helpforce.   Registration on the  site is required, either as a volunteer or as someone who works with volunteers.

Volunteers  are encouraged to rate their skills and competencies  against  a new  volunteering induction standard for health and care, which  covers six core areas:  role and responsibilities; communication; respect for everyone; safeguarding; mental health,  disability and learning disability; health and safety.

Linked to each topic is a 15 – 20 minute e-learning module developed by Health Education England. Following successful completion of a quiz, a certificate of completion can be downloaded.  Resources have been  updated to reflect COVID-19.

For further study, users can browse courses from other providers which are relevant to each core area.

The site is a work in progress – we hope that it will link to more resources from Wales before long.


Offers free e-learning courses on subjects including  Infection prevention and control, Prevent COVID-19, Mental health and wellbeing, Get moving , get healthy as well as range of paid courses and qualifications.


Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) is launching in the very near future a new platform which will include information sheets, model policies, e-learning courses and facility for online discussion. This will include resources specifically on volunteering.

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