Harshdeep Kaur, Chairperson and Panellist of the Cardiff Youth Led Grant Panel, talking about her volunteering experience

Young leaders supporting youth-led community action

Published: 04/06/24 | Categories: Volunteering, Author: Harshdeep Kaur

The Youth Led Grants enable young people to develop skills and gain experience. Harshdeep Kaur, Chairperson and Panellist of the Cardiff Youth Led Grant Panel, talks about her volunteering experience.

Volunteering has made a profound impact on both myself and others. Initially joining as a Youth Led Grant Panellist, I quickly found myself appointed as the chairperson, which was a significant boost to my confidence. Through this experience, I not only honed my networking skills but also developed crucial communication abilities, especially navigating cultural differences, coming from India to a new country. The Youth Led Grants enable young people to develop skills and gain experience in youth leadership by joining grant making panels and leading local projects.


This journey in volunteering eventually led me to gain employment with Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) as Community Development Support Officer. My role involves supporting the team with the delivery of the health, social care and wellbeing agenda within C3SC, making connections and supporting activities that enable and promote the voluntary sector and its role in providing services and activities at the local level.

Additionally, I work with a small, diverse team to develop more placed based, accessible and inclusive services in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to improve health and wellbeing in the local community.

On a personal level, volunteering has been transformative. It provided me with opportunities to grow and develop skills that are invaluable in both professional and personal spheres. From decision-making to leadership, every aspect of volunteering has contributed to my personal growth, but the impact extends far beyond myself.


As chairperson, I had the privilege of analysing applications and granting funds to youth-led projects. Witnessing the tangible change these projects bring to society and the opportunities they provide to young people is incredibly rewarding. It’s fulfilling to see young individuals thrive and contribute positively to their communities through the support we provide.

By getting involved with tutoring through organisations like Teaching Personnel, I see an opportunity to directly apply the skills and values I’ve cultivated through volunteering. Working with students from diverse backgrounds and learning environments not only allows me to make a meaningful impact, but also provides me with invaluable experience and insights to pursue my dream of becoming a lecturer.


Want to join Arsha on the Cardiff Youth Led Grant Panel? C3SC is recruiting new panellists and are eager to see applications from young people in Cardiff with a passion for community action! To apply for a space on the Cardiff YLG Panel or if you would like to find out more about the Youth Led Grants in your local area, get in touch with your local CVC – the full list of the CVCs in Wales can be found at https://thirdsectorsupport.wales/contact-us/.