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Update from the Fundraising Regulator

Published: 18/04/23 | Categories: Funding,Information & support, Author: Mary Roberts

With new guidance released on volunteer fundraisers and how to give safely we hear from Mary Roberts, Stakeholder & Policy Manager for Wales at the Fundraising Regulator.

The Fundraising Regulator has recently refreshed its guidance to support organisations that work with volunteer fundraisers and provide advice to the public on giving safely to charity.


For organisations which work with volunteer fundraisers, the regulator’s updated volunteer topics page sets out the difference between ‘on behalf of’ and ‘in aid of’ fundraising to help charitable organisations to understand the standards that apply. Its advice for the public on setting up an online fundraising appeal can also help volunteers to understand their responsibilities.


The regulator is asking organisations to share its recently renewed safer giving advice to make sure public donations reach genuine charities. Sadly, there are reports of fraudsters seeking to take advantage of people’s generosity, particularly at times of increased giving, such as the recent devastating earthquakes in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria. Please consider sharing this guidance with your supporters.

One of the regulator’s recommended safer giving checks is to look out for the Fundraising Badge. Recent research showed that three quarters of respondents would be more confident in supporting a charity that displayed the badge.


Making sure that the public knows what to expect from fundraisers, and that the charity sector is supported to fundraise in a way that is open, honest, respectful and legal, is an important part of the Fundraising Regulator’s role in Wales.

The regulator is continuously reviewing how it can support the fundraising sector and welcomes input from charities and the public about what is useful. Please contact if you have any feedback or questions about applying the UK-wide Code of Fundraising Practice.