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Spotlight on the sector: why now is the time to tell your story

Published: 29/04/20 | Categories: Uncategorised, Author: Elen Notley

Elen Notley, Marketing and Communications Manager at WCVA, encourages the voluntary sector in Wales to shout about the amazing impact the sector is making.

Shouting about the positive difference they make to people’s lives and communities is something that voluntary organisations often shy away from. But now during the Coronavirus crisis, it is important that we shine a light on how vital the work of the sector really is.

Now more than ever, volunteers, voluntary groups and charities are stepping up to protect our communities. From delivering food and medicines to caring for the vulnerable, there are endless examples of AMAZING work being undertaken by the sector. There are also charities and not for profit organisations struggling to stay afloat with dwindling donations and the inability to carry out their normal activities.

These organisations go from day to day making a remarkable difference to people’s lives, and quite often they are so busy doing this that they don’t take the time to stop, reflect and document their positive impact. But, now is the time! The world is in new territory, and when we come out of this, it is unlikely to ever be the same again.

Therefore, as a sector we need to raise our voices, and show the world how important our work is and how it makes a difference. That way when we do come through this crisis, there will be more recognition and awareness of the positive impact the voluntary sector has on people and communities.

Now and in the future, we need people to really invest in the vital work of the sector. Whether that’s volunteers giving their time, donors giving donations to the issues that matter to them, or decision makers committing resources to make sure voluntary organisations can continue to do what they do to change lives every day. Telling the stories of the amazing things happening at this time is the best way to get people believing in and investing in the power of our sector.

So, how do we do this? Where to start?

Here are a few questions to consider that might help you in pulling together your story.

  1. Why do you do what you do?

This is the most important question! What is your main motivation? Think about why your work so important? And, what would happen without your impact?

  1. What impact are you making?

What tasks/ services are being done to positively impact the lives of others? Have you got any facts and figures that you can use to demonstrate this?

  1. Have you got some testimonials that you can share?

Quotes and case studies are a great way of highlighting the impact that you are making and gives the story a personal element that readers feel a connection to.

  1. Are you doing something innovative?

Have you found a new way of delivering your services, engaging with your audiences, or raising funds? Or have you had to significantly ramp up services and if so, how have you done this? Make a note of how you have adapted and how that has led to even greater impact.

  1. Can you get some pictures or video?

A picture tells a thousand words…. This is so true! On twitter, posts that include an image or video are 394% more likely to be shared! So, if you can take a video or image to capture the essence of your story, this will make it far easier to spread the word.

These questions should give you a starting point for shouting about the difference you’re making and remember WCVA is here to help. We want to highlight the incredible impact the voluntary sector in Wales is making, so whether you need a helping hand in pulling your story together, or whether you just want to get the message out there- let us know!

  • You can email us at
  • Give us a call on 0300 111 0124 and ask to speak to marketing
  • OR simply post your stories on social media using the hashtag #NeverMoreNeeded