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How to get involved with Community Transport Week 2023

Published: 16/10/23 | Categories: Information & support,Volunteering, Author: Gemma Lelliott

Find out how you can join the Community Transport Association in raising awareness of the UK’s thriving Community Transport movement in this #CTWeek23 blog from Director, Gemma Lelliott.

Between 16-21 October 2023 communities across the UK will celebrate the vital role and inspiring work of Community Transport (CT) in helping millions of people to stay connected and independent, participate in their communities, and access essential public services like health & social care, employment, education, and training.

With the support of the Department for Transport, CTA is launching the first-ever national awareness week for the Community Transport sector: CTWeek23 ‘Bridging the gap, connecting communities’. CT Week gives us the chance to recognise and celebrate the invaluable efforts of CT providers across the UK who support millions of people and are using transport to create a more inclusive and connected society. Community transport groups and organisations across Wales enable and empower people to connect, contribute, and flourish, by providing vital services which are often overlooked.


Powered by communities and shaped by the people who use their services, CT operators provide vital connections for people experiencing transport barriers like low incomes, reduced or withdrawn bus services, and inaccessible vehicles. Without this invaluable support, we would see many more people unable to get to work, go to school or college, socialise with friends, care for loved ones, or get to health appointments. We want to use CTWeek23 to highlight and amplify the voice of these vital community providers, to get public bodies, funders, and partners to think about how they could better support and engage with the community transport movement.


If you’d like to get involved with CTWeek23, check out our campaign toolkit for some ideas and resources. And if you already have a connection with a CT provider in your area, why not use this opportunity to share a blog or some social media posts about the difference they make to your work?

If you haven’t come across CT before, why not get in touch with us at CTA and we can help you find your nearest operator to arrange a visit? Or maybe your organisation is connected to someone who could help us to spread the word about the community transport movement? Perhaps your staff might be interested in volunteering opportunities, or some of your projects would benefit from connecting with transport providers that really understand how to support a diverse range of people to get to where they need to go with dignity?

However you choose to get involved, your support will be invaluable in helping us to celebrate the sector and get more people involved and supporting it. Check out our CTWeek23 pages, get in touch on, and please do remember to tag us on @ctauk1 and share the hashtag #CTWeek23 across all your channels.


The Community Transport Association (CTA) is a UK member-based charity providing leadership, training, advice, and operational support to transport related charities, community groups and social enterprises in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Our vision is of a world where everyone in their communities can access transport that meets their needs.