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gofod3 is back – thanks to our sponsors!

Published: 14/06/21 | Categories: Uncategorised, Author: WCVA

It was a matter of great sadness to us that we were forced to cancel last year’s event because of the pandemic, but we are thrilled to be able to bring back gofod3 this year.

gofod3 is the biggest voluntary sector event of its kind in Wales. First established in spring 2017 as an annual, one-day event in Cardiff, the format has now changed to comply with Covid restrictions, and will take place online and over five days.

And we must thank our sponsors, Darwin Gray, Keegan & Pennykid and The Open University, for their support, both financially and for the events they’ve chosen to run. As Darwin Gray Partner, Fflur Jones, says: “The topics we will be discussing are more relevant than ever as we emerge from over a year of lockdowns, working from home, and one of the most volatile periods the voluntary sector has seen in years.” The Open University’s Partnerships Manager, Darren Jones, explains the organisation’s reasons for supporting this year’s event: “We’re really pleased to support Gofod3 as we recognise the vital work the voluntary sector in Wales does to help people lead better lives.”

As WCVA we are keen therefore to draw special attention to our sponsors events over the week.


General HR update for 2021 

10am: Seminar with Darwin Gray Employment and HR experts, who will be discussing – as we start moving back to reality – vaccination status and virus testing in the workplace, managing holiday post-lockdown, quarantining and agile flexible working.

Open University – Openlearn and becoming an OpenLearn Champion 

10am: Workshop outlining the free courses and resources available on their OpenLearn website for personal development but also for volunteers.

General Insurance – what you need to know 

10am: Seminar with Keegan and Pennykid on insurance cover considerations from asset protection, loss of income, legal liabilities, professional indemnity etc. A must for these uncertain times.

Bullying and harassment in the workplace- do’s and don’ts 

2pm: Join Darwin Gray for this refresher course on the principles of protecting Equality and Diversity in the workplace, and avoiding Harassment claims.


Alternative professional development 

12pm: Workshop by The Open University on lifelong learning and how it is vital for organisations to adapt how they work, improve staff skills and retain talent.

Risk management and insurance – together they work 

12pm: Seminar by Keegan and Pennykid on the link which exists between the various areas of risk management and how they relate to the arrangement of insurance. Another session for those of you worried about the impact of Covid-19.


Cyber Insurance – is this a thing?

10am: Seminar by Keegan and Pennykid on cyber threats and the insurance solution to protect an organisation from the expensive costs that quickly materialise in dealing with an event.


Good governance – what does it look like, and how to achieve it 

10am: Join Darwin Gray’s Fflur Jones for a whistle-stop tour of Trustees’ obligations in accordance with charity law, and also the duties of non-exec directors of companies limited by guarantee.

Becoming a nurse 

12pm: Find out about the OU in Wales’ access courses, HE certificates and nursing degree programmes, and hear from one of their lecturers on how adult learning helped them train to become a nurse.

Trustee indemnity – more important than ever 

12pm: Regardless of an organisation’s legal structure, its’ Trustees/Board members remain exposed to potential claims against them for alleged wrongdoing. This Keegan & Pennykid session looks at the cover provisions and will provide a few claim examples to demonstrate the type of allegations that can arise.

Protecting workers’ mental health in the workplace 

2pm: The pandemic brought with it numerous changes and challenges for any workforce, and having adapted to home-working over the past year, it is understandable how returning to the office can be challenging for some of us. A Darwin Gray session.

As June Pennykid, Managing Director, of Keegan & Pennykid (Insurance Brokers) Ltd, says: “In a year which has challenged us all and at a time when the sector has been never more needed, it is fitting that we are able to come together, even virtually, to share ideas, experiences and knowledge to help us through the coming months.”

We couldn’t agree more. Join us online for exciting speakers, masterclasses, panel debates and workshops. Whether you’re a trustee, staff member, volunteer or all three, this is your unique space to reflect, learn and plan for the future.

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