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gofod3 – getting involved

Published: 22/06/21 | Categories: Training & events, Author: Garry Dalton

As gofod3 2021 approaches, Garry Dalton, Account Executive at Keegan & Pennykid Insurance Brokers shares his views on the background of their involvement with not only WCVA but also the third sector in Wales and explains why being involved in gofod3 is a natural fit.

Across all of Wales, the third sector is driven by the most dynamic people who are striving to improve the lives of many, who need their help and support, as well as bringing communities together. With over four decades experience helping charities, we know and understand the variety of activities that the third sector are involved with including the challenges faced every day in delivering such a vast range of services.


Without question, we take great pride in our status as one of the leading insurance brokers in the UK for the Third Sector. Our commitment is always there whether your cover needs are wide-ranging and/or complex or, if you simply need short term cover for a one-off event, then we can help.

Relationships are of utmost importance within our profession and, with that in mind, we have access to several market leading insurers who offer a range of insurance products suitable for third sector organisations. Our very own Encompass policy was created with the sector in mind and provides wide-ranging cover from traditional asset protection and general liabilities to the more recent and emerging risks around the cyber threat that are not only becoming more prevalent but also much more sophisticated too.


Getting back to gofod3 itself and, despite this year being run digitally, it makes complete sense for us to be involved. Indeed, we were there for the inaugural gofod3 that took place in 2017 and have been there ever since to support WCVA members and offer help and guidance to those attending the events too. This year we are delighted to be headline sponsor which directly aligns with our recent appointment as a WCVA trusted supplier too.

We are hosting four sessions this year covering a range of topics designed to offer help and support to those who may be new in a role which has insurance placement responsibility or even to help reassure those who have been involved for some time that what they are doing is right. 


Insurance broking services does not just start and end with the placement of cover. There is much in between and is why our advice-based approach is key to ensuring that the cover arranged for our clients is both suitable and adequate to offer the maximum level of protection, at competitive premiums. Our staff are all highly experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. 


Ensuring that the cover you have in place, for all your risk exposures, may seem daunting at times: never more so at a time when we are slowly re-adjusting our lives and settling into a new normal and are starting to do more as the lockdown restrictions are eased. Make sure that your insurance cover remains appropriate for your organisation’s current and forthcoming needs. This is particularly important where your organisation’s activities temporarily ceased during lockdown and your insurance cover may have been put on hold.

All of us have been affected in one way or another throughout the pandemic and the responsibilities will continue to fall upon us to ensure that we, our colleagues as well as the communities that we live in are kept as safe as possible from the threat of COVID19.

Keegan & Pennykid is a leading specialist third sector insurance broker that has been working with WCVA and the Welsh voluntary sector since 1998.

For expert support and advice please contact our charities team on 0800 731 8030 (option 2) or email