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gofod3 – finding the space to reflect, learn and plan

Published: 07/06/21 | Categories: Training & events, Author: Anna Nicholl

gofod3 – Wales’ space for the voluntary sector – is back! WCVA’s Anna Nicholl explains why now is an important time to reflect, learn and plan.

There has been little to smile about since the pandemic hit Wales in March 2020, but it gives me great comfort to see growing recognition for the huge contribution made by voluntary organisations, particularly those who have been working on the frontline to support the most vulnerable.

It partly explains WCVA’s decision to bring back gofod3 this year. After all, we all need the space and time to seriously look back over the past year, learn new skills to cope with this new world order and plan for the future.

The pandemic has very clearly demonstrated the vital role of the voluntary sector, as exemplified by the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign. Earlier this year, in February 2021, the Senedd’s Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee Inquiry into the ‘Impact of Covid-19 on the voluntary sector’ also showcased its importance, recommending that the next Welsh Government recognise the role of the current voluntary structure in improving the pandemic response, urging it to ‘‘maintain the current third sector infrastructure, and look to identify how these structures can be improved and made even more robust’’.

As such, and with the vaccination programme in full swing, it is essential that voluntary organisations find themselves in a position to play their part in the recovery of Wales and to build back better.

Of course, in Wales, micro and small charities account for more of the sector than anywhere else in the UK, meaning over half (53%) are micro-charities and almost a third (32%) are small charities[1]. For the team at WCVA, it is extremely important for us that gofod3 offers every organisation – large or small – the opportunity to showcase their invaluable work and develop skills for the future.

Given that we were forced to comply with Covid’s restrictions this year, the format for gofod3 has changed to become an online event, over a five-day period. But with over 60 events available, free of charge, gofod3 can be even more of a unique space for each and every visitor.

As organisers, we have created gofod3 to be a…


This year has been difficult for us all – for some more than others – so it’s important to reflect, share stories and experiences from the past year and create a workplace that has a healthy work-life balance.


Covid-19 has forever changed our working day, creating a new working landscape for all of us. We must now be agile and learn new skills and knowledge to help us navigate this unfamiliar territory. So do take a look at our schedule, jam-packed with masterclasses, interactive workshops and discussions.


Covid-19 has transformed almost every aspect of our world, including our best-laid plans. But we must now start to plan ahead and build back better. gofod3 is our  opportunity to find inspiration, connect with peers, meet mentors and ask challenging questions.

gofod3 takes place online from 28 June – 2 July 2021.

Join in the fun.

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