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3-SET’s policy update

Published: 02/12/20 | Categories: Uncategorised, Author:

Ever since the decision was taken to leave the EU, resulting in the loss of Structural Funds at the end of this current cycle, 3-SET have been working hard to influence decision makers on the design and delivery of the proposed Shared Prosperity Fund and to keep the sector up to date with any developments.

We’ve undertaken lots of consultation exercises with the sector, including events, webinars, networks and surveys and used this to inform our position on future funding arrangements.

Last week the Chancellor delivered the 2020 Spending Review. We were expecting to hear more about the Shared Prosperity Fund – how much it will be, how it will be managed, what it will fund and if it will be accessible to the voluntary sector. Some of these questions were touched on but no real detail was given. Read our blog to find out more about what was said.

Other things we’ve done recently, in relation to replacement funding, include:

A joint position statement with some of our sister councils

  • Our views are strongly shared by some of WCVA’s sister councils and together we sent a joint statement to the Chancellor, outlining what’s needed from the Shared Prosperity Fund from a devolved and third sector perspective.

Responding to consultations

We’ve also been working to influence those closer to home by responding to consultations.

  • Welsh Government consulted on its Framework for Regional Investment in Wales which set out its thinking on the future of regional investment outside the EU. Lots of what we said was directly referenced – read our response here.
  • The Welsh Affairs Committee launched an inquiry into the proposed Shared Prosperity Fund. Again, some of our comments were directly referenced in the Committee’s final report.
  • We’re currently preparing a response to Welsh Government’s consultation on the regulations to establish Corporate Joint Committees (CJCs). Once our response is finalised, we’ll share it on WCVA’s website.