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Updated: All Wales Safeguarding Awareness Training Pack

Published : 30/03/21 | Categories: News |

We are pleased to announce that the All Wales Basic Safeguarding Awareness training pack, which is hosted by Social Care Wales, has now been updated to include the Wales Safeguarding Procedures.

The All Wales Basic Safeguarding Awareness training pack supports all workers in social care, the voluntary sector and many other roles working with children or adults at risk, to raise their awareness of safeguarding.

The pack aims to provide a consistent message of safeguarding responsibilities across Wales allowing those who deliver safeguarding training to tailor the delivery of the training depending on learner needs.

The content has evolved to reflect both the changing nature of safeguarding but also to give clear direction of the work under the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014.

The pack was born out of partnership working between WCVA and Social Care Wales and expertly authored by Sue Gwynn and Rhys Hughes. It was first released in late 2015 to provide a pack for trainers to meet the learning needs of workers and volunteers in social care and the voluntary sector. The pack has undergone several updates in response to changes in legislation, guidance, practice and the introduction of the Wales Safeguarding Procedures.

The pack contains many useful resources for both trainers and learners, such as guides to the legislation, definitions of different forms of abuse and practice reviews.


The All Wales Basic Safeguarding Awareness Pack is recognised as Level 2 Safeguarding Training.

Social Care Wales are currently considering how to recognise the learning achieved by those completing this pack. Once they have made a decision about this, the page will be updated.

We recommend that safeguarding trainers in Wales make use of and refer to the pack.

If you have any questions about accessing safeguarding training, you can get in touch with our Safeguarding Officer who will be happy to assist –

You can also contact your CVC about local training opportunities, please visit

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