In the third sector, public engagement is essential if you want to make a difference. The public need to know the importance of the work you’re doing in order to access your services, support you, volunteer for you, or just tell other people about you.

These training courses will share different methods of reaching the public and raising awareness of the amazing work you’re doing in Wales.

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Bespoke only,Public engagement

Running a participative Focus Group

The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to design and run a participative focus group.

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Bespoke only,Public engagement

Engaging through pictures

If you would like to try some new ways of engaging then this is the workshop for you!

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Bespoke only,Public engagement

Designing and running successful surveys

This course aims to give individuals an overview of survey process and necessary considerations to help effective survey planning.

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Bespoke only,Public engagement

Co-production in practice

An introduction to the concept of co-production and how it can be used to design and deliver public services.

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Bespoke only,Public engagement

Public engagement: theory and practice

Our accredited course provides you with a greater awareness and understanding of the theory and practice of engagement.

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Public engagement

Working in partnership for better outcomes

Share the load by developing and improving new or existing partnerships to make your work go further.

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