Our trainers are extremely experienced communicators, from public speaking and presentations to marketing, social media and blogging.

These training courses are also suitable for learners with different levels of experience, featuring activities and exercises for you to develop your communications.

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Communications , Public engagement

Welshifying your social media

4 & 18 OCTOBER 2023
Learn how to create catchy and effective content bilingually on social media.

A woman on a sofa checks her social media analytics using a laptop and smart phone

Bespoke only , Communications

Designing and delivering engaging presentations

Make your presentations matter – learn how to design and deliver dynamic presentations with ease.

Dyn yn sefyll o flaen cynulleidfa yn cyflwyno

Bespoke only , Communications

Social media for the voluntary sector

Build your online brand by learning to use social media as a tool for engagement

A man with headphones on at a desktop computer next to a window

Bespoke only , Communications

Marketing your services

Learn how to get your message across to the right people in the most effective way.

A woman delivers a presentation, marketing her organisation's services to a man in an office

Bespoke only , Communications , Public engagement

Writing for the web and driving traffic to your website

Create engaging, media-rich content to deliver the best results for your organisation.

Image: website

Bespoke only , Communications

Dealing with difficult conversations

To equip you with the skills and techniques needed to deal with difficult conversations.

Dealing with difficult conversations