We provide bespoke training which offers a flexible and cost-effective way to meet your organisation’s and individual learning needs.

Our courses are fun, participative and take place in a relaxed learning environment, they can provide you and your organisation with the skills needed to provide an excellent service. We recognise that people learn in different ways; in our new training programme you will find a variety of short courses, workshops, accredited learning, seminars and online learning opportunities. All of our training is led by experts in their field who are committed to the values of the third sector in Wales. 

Our courses can be delivered to any number of participants in a location that works for you. We charge for trainer’s fees plus travel costs, production of handouts and materials. Your organisation will need to provide the venue and refreshments, if applicable.

We work with you to plan and customize the course. We recommend filling the course to bring down the cost per head. What about inviting other organisations to attend – building partnership relationships and making it cheaper for everyone?

Training can be delivered as a half day, full day or several days. Please contact us for an informal discussion of your training needs.


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Bespoke only,Leadership & management

Project management

25 JANUARY, 1 & 2 FEBRUARY 2022
This course is for anybody who has responsibility for developing and managing projects as part of their everyday work.

Two people with graphs and charts in front of them on laptop and phone

Bespoke only,Governance & safeguarding

Introduction to safeguarding in the voluntary sector

26 JANUARY 2022
Safeguarding good practice for staff, volunteers and trustees.

People in a business meeting

Governance & safeguarding

Webinar: Strengthening your governance (delivered through the medium of Welsh)

25 NOVEMBER 2021
Tips, tools and resources to strengthen your charity’s governance.

Llun: cyfarfod ymddiriedolwyr bach

Governance & safeguarding

Charity financial management – Managing costs & budgets

12 & 19 JANUARY 2022
Learn how to cost your services and increase your likelihood of gaining funding.

Charity financial management – Managing costs & budgets


Co-production foundation

17 FEBRUARY 2022
Covers both co-production theory and practice: the what, when, why, and how of this highly effective approach to public services.

Llun: cyfarfod tîm


Co-production essentials

An introduction to the what, when and why of co-production.

Llun: Gwaith tîm

Governance & safeguarding

Safeguarding for trustees and board members

An introduction to Safeguarding for trustees and board members

Llun: Diogelu


Foundations for the third sector (F4S3)

F4S3 is an induction programme for people who have recently started working in the voluntary sector.

A shot from the back of a busy classroom of adult learners

Governance & safeguarding

Webinar: Safeguarding – Structures and training

16 NOVEMBER 2021
A look at the structures that will support safeguarding activity within your organisation, and the role of a training plan.

Llun: cydweithwyr yn gweithio

Bespoke only,Communications

Dealing with difficult conversations

10 & 17 NOVEMBER 2021
Skills and techniques for establishing boundaries and managing conflict.

Dealing with difficult conversations

Bespoke only,Leadership & management

Support, supervision and appraisal

8 & 11 NOVEMBER 2021
This online course will give you the opportunity to develop your management skills and confidence in managing individuals and the staff team.  

Image: support meeting

Communications,Public engagement

Welshifying your social media

Learn how to create catchy and effective content bilingually on social media.

Image: using social media

Governance & safeguarding

Bilingualism at work

This FREE session, run by the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Hybu Team, will enable you to develop your organisation’s use of the Welsh language.

Two women in light office at laptop discussing DBS checks

Governance & safeguarding

Beyond the basics – Strengthening your charity’s governance

30 NOVEMBER 2021
This 3-hour workshop is for people who want to ‘level up’ their charity’s governance and set high standards for their board or management committee.

Llun: Cyfarfod â chydweithwyr

Governance & safeguarding

An Introduction to good governance

This 3-hour workshop is for people who want to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in charity governance.  

Llun: cyfarfod llywodraethu

Bespoke only,Communications

Social media for the third sector

3 & 16 NOVEMBER 2021
Build your online brand by learning to use social media as a tool for engagement

A man with headphones on at a desktop computer next to a window

Bespoke only,Governance & safeguarding

An introduction to GDPR for the third sector

GDPR for the third sector – an introduction

Image: meeting

Bespoke only,Governance & safeguarding

Charity financial management – Financial safeguards

What is the best way to protect your organisation from fraud, loss, or misuse of funds? Learn how to defend yourselves against poor financial practise on our financial safeguards course.

Image: online training

Bespoke only,Governance & safeguarding

Role of the safeguarding officer

To give a briefing to safeguarding officers (safeguarding leads or trustees, champions, designated person etc.)

People discuss at a table

Bespoke only,Leadership & management

Recruitment and induction

If you’re new to recruitment or you want to refresh your skills and pick up ideas and tips for remote recruitment, then this course is for you.

Two people interviewing

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Setting up and refreshing networks

Team work makes the dream work – learn how to establish a mutually beneficial network or re-energise one that’s lost its buzz.

Group of people talking in office

Bespoke only,Communications

Marketing your services

Learn how to get your message across to the right people in the most effective way.

Marketing your services

Bespoke only,Funding

Introduction to developing a fundraising strategy

To give participants the confidence to develop a fundraising strategy for their organisation.

Introduction to developing a fundraising strategy

Bespoke only,Governance & safeguarding

Strengthening Governance and Leadership for Trustees

This online course will take you through a range of leadership and governance principles, based on the Charity Governance Code.

Strengthening Governance and Leadership for Trustees

Governance & safeguarding

Trustee recruitment masterclasses

To help you identify which kinds of trustees would support the development of your charity and how to recruit them.

Trustee recruitment masterclasses

Bespoke only,Communications

The ultimate DIY PR toolkit for charities

An interactive workshop designed to help you deliver more effective PR results for your charity.

The ultimate DIY PR toolkit for charities

Bespoke only,Impact & evaluation

A ‘Theory of Change’ approach to evaluation

How developing a theory of change can support your organisation to measure and evaluate impact.

People around table with tablets phones and laptops at meeting

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Running a participative Focus Group

The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to design and run a participative focus group.

man in blue shirt with ipad talking to audience

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Co-production in practice

An introduction to the concept of co-production and how it can be used to design and deliver public services.

Diverse group of people on laptops at meeting smiling together

Bespoke only

Action Learning Sets

Learn the principles and practical skills needed to set up, develop and facilitate action learning sets.

Diverse group of people talking and smiling at meeting

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Public engagement: theory and practice

Our accredited course provides you with a greater awareness and understanding of the theory and practice of engagement.

Group of diverse people high fiving in an office

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Working in partnership for better outcomes

Share the load by developing and improving new or existing partnerships to make your work go further.

Diverse group of people high fiving

Bespoke only,Public engagement

Planning your engagement strategy

Make sure you’re engaging as effectively as possible – learn how to develop a strategy for engagement.

Four people sit around table in office talking

Training skills

Training skills

Where the trainee becomes the trainer – learn the skills to plan, prepare and deliver great training sessions

Projector with people writing on whiteboard in background

Public engagement

Effective facilitation skills

Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to prepare and facilitate participative sessions

Person teaching group at table with flipchart and post its

Bespoke only,Leadership & management

Time management for the third sector

This course will equip you with the tools and techniques for getting the most out of your time.

Group of people planning in meeting room around cork board

Leadership & management

Third sector leadership for future generations

Build upon your existing skills to become a more innovative and resilient leader.

Smartly dressed people in white meeting room

Bespoke only,Impact & evaluation

Evaluating and monitoring outcomes

Measure your impact using the key principles of evaluation

People around chalkboard drawing arrows leading across in different directions


Introduction to fundraising through trusts and foundations

Strengthen your charity’s fundraising by making effective bids to trusts and foundations

Smartly dressed young people presenting to board


Introduction to full cost recovery

Understand and calculate the true costs of running an organisation

Two women sitting opposite each other and talking

Bespoke only,Communications

Writing for the web and driving traffic to your website

Create engaging, media-rich content to deliver the best results for your organisation

One person on laptop with someone taking notes next to them

Bespoke only,Communications

Note taking at participative events

Explore how to record data from events effectively and accurately

A woman taking notes at a meeting in a busy cafe


Engaging online

Connect with your online audience and create innovative content to meet their needs

A group of people being shown something on an ipad

Bespoke only,Communications

Designing and delivering engaging presentations

Make your presentations matter – learn how to design and deliver dynamic presentations with ease.

A man standing in front of an audience presenting enthusiastically