Image: using social media

Welshifying your social media

13 September 2022 | 2 pm – 3 pm (Welsh)

Delivered through the medium of Welsh

20 September 2022 | 2 pm – 3 pm (English)

Delivered through the medium of English


Learn how to create catchy and effective content bilingually on social media.


Social media is a great way of keeping in touch with service users and to reach new supporters and users. Posting in Welsh can help you reach new followers and stand out from the crowd. We will answer the most frequently asked questions by charities about the best way to post in Welsh by looking at real examples.

We will consider the different options available to organisations who haven’t got many Welsh speaking staff as well as organisations who already operate bilingually. We will also look at what support is available to organisations when resources are scarce.

Learning outcomes

By the end of webinar learners will:

  • Be aware of how to use images and posters
  • Be aware of accounts to tag to reach new followers
  • Have more information about best practise when creating bilingual content
  • Be aware of which tools and resources are available to help with creating Welsh content.

Who this session is for

This is session is suitable for officers or volunteers who are interested in creating bilingual content for social media.