Webinar: Your guide to the 2021 Senedd election

Webinar: Your guide to the 2021 Senedd election

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Delivered through the medium of Welsh

22 March 2021 | 14:00-15:00

Delivered through the medium of English

23 March 2021 | 10:00-11:00

Webinar aim 

To introduce participants to the Senedd’s unique voting system and share information on the recent changes to who can vote, including 16 and 17 years olds who will be able to vote for the very first time. The session will also aim to give an in-depth overview of the work of the Senedd, it’s Members and how citizens and organisations can influence the decisions that are made there.  

Following this session, we hope that participants will be able to confidently discuss matters around the election with their own stakeholders and partners, and resources will be available to share for that purpose.  


On 06 May 2021 the people of Wales will be invited to use their voice to decide who should represent them and their communities in the Welsh Parliament. This session is an introduction to the Senedd’s unique voting system, the subjects we’re responsible for, and updated information. The session will include details on:  

  • The election process and key dates;  
  • Voter eligibility, including those newly enfranchised; 
  • How to register to vote;  
  • The voting system in place for the Welsh Parliament election;  
  • What citizens are voting for, i.e. the powers held by the Welsh Parliament;  
  • Forming the next Parliament.  

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the webinar participants will have had the opportunity to discuss: 

  • The upcoming election on 06 May 2021 – who is eligible to vote, how to register and the ways in which citizens can vote;  
  • How the voting system in Wales works: what the role of the Welsh Parliament is, and what it has responsibilities for,  
  • The role of Members of the Senedd and how the Welsh Government is held to account; and  
  • The ways in which citizens can continue to be involved in the Senedd’s work after the election, and have their say.  

Who the session is for 

This session will be of particular interest for those who work with citizens directly within their projects and voluntary sector organisations, who may seek further information on some or all aspects of the upcoming Welsh election, including the voter / voting process. Resources on accessing this information will be available to all those who participate in the session to share with citizens and other staff members.  

This session is also open to all those interested in developing an understanding of politics and devolution in Wales, and want to know more about how they engage and influence the decision-making process.  

Delivered through the medium of Welsh

Delivered through the medium of English