Image: women working from home

Webinar: Managing the hybrid working model

15 September 2021 | 2pm – 3pm

Delivered through the medium of English (Keegan & Pennykid)

Webinar aim 

To highlight the considerations that need to be given to successfully implement a hybrid working model with particular focus on risk management and ensuring that your staff and/or volunteers are suitably cared for. 


Working from home or other remote location is not new to some but for many the swift transition and ongoing continuance creates the need to fully consider the needs of the organisation but also the welfare of your staff and volunteers, especially where a return to work is now not likely to happen. 

Managing from distance is much more complicated, and time consuming, than from within the direct working environment. 

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the webinar participants will:  

  • Be able to understand the issues that arise from hybrid working  
  • Know how to address those issues and manage them as far as possible 
  • Ensure that they have adequately provisioned for the change and made those who need to know aware 
  • Appreciate the need for continual review to ensure that the new model best serves the need of your organisation and its customers 

Who the session is for 

This session will be useful for anyone with responsibility for overseeing the introduction of a hybrid working model. Particularly useful for managers and supervisors who have responsibility for staff or volunteers.