Webinar: Tips and tools for evaluation in difficult times

Webinar: Tips and tools for evaluation in difficult times

Categories: Impact & evaluation,

02 June 2020, 2pm – 3pm

Delivered through the medium of English

Find out how to adjust your approach to evaluation during times of crisis.

Webinar aim

This webinar will reflect on how organisations can adjust their approach to evaluation to ensure that the impact of their activities is captured, even during difficult times such as the current pandemic.


Join this webinar to hear from Alain Thomas and Dafydd Thomas, both experts in evaluation who will be giving us some tips and tools for evaluating services during times of crisis and disruption. The webinar will explore some of the challenges Covid-19 poses to evaluation, suggest some responses to help you think through your approach, and provide information about a range of practical tools that can be used to evaluate your services.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar participants will:

  • Have increased understanding of the purpose of evaluation in difficult times
  • Have increased knowledge of approaches they can take to evaluation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Have increased knowledge of different tools they can use to carry out evaluation activities

About the speakers

Alain Thomas has over 20 years experience of designing and carrying out evaluations for organisations across Wales, the rest of Europe and the developing world using a range of approaches. He specialises in participatory techniques and has made it his mission to de-mystify evaluation and explain what are sometimes perceived as complex processes as clearly and simply as possible.

Dafydd Thomas (not related) has worked in voluntary, public and private sector in Wales.  What he’s tried to do in each sector is bring people’s lived experience right to the heart of decision-making processes as an evaluator, facilitator and leader.

Who the session is for?

Anyone interested in developing good impact and evaluation practice in their organisation. It will be particularly useful for organisations that are evaluating service delivery and need to involve beneficiaries in the evaluation process.

This is not an introductory webinar and a basic level of knowledge will be assumed.