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Role of the Safeguarding officer

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Delivered through the medium of English


To provide in-depth training to safeguarding officers (safeguarding leads or trustees, champions, designated person etc.) or those people appointing or managing safeguarding officers on what the role may entail, the responsibilities and legal compliance. 


By the end of the course participants should be able to: 

  • Understand their role in meeting and improving safeguarding policy, practice, and procedures within their organisation 
  • Understand the legislation that underpins safeguarding in Wales 
  • Understand their responsibilities in responding to safeguarding issues relating to beneficiaries, staff or volunteers 
  • Locate and use a wider range of recruitment resources to implement in their organisations 

Content covers 

  • Safeguarding and preventative actions 
  • Legislative framework in Wales and Charity Commission position 
  • Role of the officer in responding to safeguarding reports, suspicions, allegations (remit, responsibilities and what not to do) 
  • Supporting the organisation’s approach to safeguarding, including training 
  • Understanding relevant actions under the Disclosure and Barring Service 
  • Information sharing, confidentiality, and consent  

Who the course is for? 

The course is provided for individuals who have a designated safeguarding responsibility within their organisation. This may include: designated safeguarding officers/safeguarding leads or champions, trustees with a specific responsibility for safeguarding, HR roles with safeguarding responsibility, and anyone appointing or managing the individuals in these roles.