Two people interviewing

Recruitment and induction

16 September 2021

Delivered through the medium of English


By participating in the workshop, you will improve your skills and confidence in recruitment and induction – both face to face and online.  


If you’re new to recruitment or you want to refresh your skills and pick up ideas and tips for remote recruitment, then this course is for you. The workshop will cover good practices in recruitment, selection and induction and  build your confidence in interviewing by helping you choose effective interview questions and other selection methods and explore how to put the candidate at ease. The workshop will enable you to reflect on your induction processes and how to adapt content and delivery for online working.  

Learning objectives 

  • To understand good practice for remote recruitment and induction  
  • To have confidence in running recruitment interviews and assessments online 
  • To consider how to ask insightful interview questions  
  • To be able to amend your induction to bring new staff on board successfully 

Who the course is for? 

This course is for managers, team leaders and trustees who are either new to recruitment or you want a refresher.