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Inspiring Impact – Working with external evaluators

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Delivered through the medium of English

Webinar aim

Is impact on the agenda at your organisation? Do you want to get better at demonstrating and communicating the difference you make?

Carrying out evaluation activities is an essential part of demonstrating your impact. This may involve planning, budgeting for and working with an external evaluator as part of your project.

This webinar is an introduction to good practice in working with external evaluators.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the webinar participants will:

  • Have increased understanding of why evaluation is important;
  • Understand the benefits of working with an external evaluator;
  • Have increased knowledge of how to plan and budget for an external evaluation;
  • Know how to get the most out of an external evaluator;
  • Understand the principles that support positive partnerships between evaluators and project staff;
  • Be aware of the Inspiring Impact Project, how it can support you and how you can get involved with the project; and
  • Know more about Data Cymru and how we can support your evaluation work.

About the speaker

Leanne Teichner is a social researcher at Data Cymru where her role is to support effective public engagement and social research within public service delivery. She has specialised in evaluation and journey planning and has managed a number of client projects. She is currently developing social research training packages as part of the Data Cymru training suite. Leanne has a background in community development and co-production and has focused her qualitative research skills in voluntary and public service environments.

Who the session is for

This webinar is an introductory session which will be most useful for people who are new to impact practice or who would like a refresher on this topic. No previous knowledge will be assumed.