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Confidence at public events

This course is only delivered bespoke and isn’t available on our public training programme. Please contact us for an informal discussion about your learning needs.


This 2-day course focuses on presentation skills and dealing with difficult situations and behaviours. Participants will learn how to prepare for a public event, how to give an effective presentation, conveying the information the audience wants to know using appropriate communication styles, and explores techniques for dealing with challenging issues and situations.

On day 2 of the course you will be required to prepare and deliver a presentation and will receive feedback from the tutor and other learners.


Target audience

This course is aimed at individuals or organisations that need to represent their organisation at public meetings with citizens and communities.


Learning objectives

  • Identify preparation
  • Explore presentation skills and ways to deal with nerves
  • Present tips for using PowerPoint and visual aids effectively
  • Explore techniques for dealing with challenging situations


Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will be able to…

  • Be better prepared for holding public events
  • Use your own style of presenting with confidence
  • Design and deliver powerful presentations
  • Be more confident in dealing with people at a public event
  • Deal more effectively with challenging situations
  • Demonstrate techniques for dealing with challenging behaviour



1-2 Days