Become an Investing in Volunteers assessor

Become an Investing in Volunteers assessor

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19 April, 29 April, 04 May, 10 May | 09:30-12:30

Delivered through the medium of English

About this event

If you want to enable organisations to achieve the Investing in Volunteers (IiV) award by becoming a trusted assessor for IiV, or just learn more about the quality areas and the process, this course is for you.

As a potential IiV assessor this course (held over 4 half days) offers you the opportunity to get familiar with the UK IiV assessment process, and helps you develop the skills you need to support and assess organisations applying for the award.

Those successfully completing the course will be required to submit an application to become an assessor and may be accepted as IiV assessors, eligible for paid assignments. Participants may also be accepted onto the course for reasons of professional development without necessarily committing to undertake IiV assessments.

Further details on the role of the assessor are available from Felicitie Walls – For more information on IiV visit –

The training will be delivered by three IiV experts, Becky Nixon and Janet Lewis-Jones (who led the development of the new UK IiV standards) and Terri O’Brian (IiV lead at Volunteer Ireland) to potential and existing assessors in Wales and Ireland. The training will be delivered in English.

Session type

This event is a four-day online training. There will be a range of activities and exercises to stimulate discussion and learning to help build competence and confidence to understand the new 2021 IiV standards and ensure potential and existing IiV assessors have all the information they need to assess organisations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • explain the IiV standard to organisations applying for the award and what meeting the standard looks like for different organisations.
  • describe the steps in the IiV assessment and quality assurance process and know the rationale for the approach.
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of the organisation, the assessor, the lead assessor and the quality assurance panel and the support that is available to each.
  • undertake key tasks including carrying out an introductory workshop, providing feedback on self-assessment, providing guidance for the development of an improving practice plan, preparing for the assessment, assessing practice through written and oral evidence, making judgements based on the assessment, and writing an assessment report in line with UK requirements.

About Investing in Volunteers (IiV)

IiV is the UK quality standard that helps organisations assess and improve the quality of their volunteer management and involvement. Achieving the standard shows volunteers – and potential volunteers – how much they are valued and gives them confidence in an organisations ability to provide an outstanding volunteer experience. It also reassures funders of the quality of an organisation’s practices.

DISCLAIMER Please note

All four joining links will be sent to you the Friday before the first training session. Please use the correct link to join the correct session.

More information

WCVA is keen to increase the diversity of it’s team of IiV assessors in Wales and welcomes applications from individuals of all ages, from all backgrounds and all abilities. You will be asked to complete an application form to attend this training and participants will be selected on the basis of geography, relevant experience, and the ability to meet the requirements of an IiV assessor.

The need for additional assessors is determined by the demand for the award. Selection as an assessor does not guarantee paid assessments.