Llun: cyfarfod llywodraethu

An Introduction to good governance

14 October 2021 | 9.30am-12.30pm

Delivered through the medium of English 


This 3-hour workshop is for people who want to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in charity governance.  


Good governance is essential to the resilience and success of your charity. This interactive online course will introduce you to the principles of good governance based on the Charity Governance Code and Charity Commission guidance.  

It will help you to apply the principles of the Code to your charity’s context and provide practical tools for improving the governance of your charity.  

Learning outcomes   

By attending this course you will:  

  • Understand what is meant by ‘good governance’ in a charity context and be able to apply this to your organisation  
  • Understand the difference between governance and management and why this matters  
  • Have increased knowledge of the role and responsibilities of individual trustees  
  • Have increased knowledge of the role of the board (or management committee) as a group  
  • Have increased awareness of simple steps that can be taken to improve the governance of your charity and where to find more resources  

Who the course is for?  

This is an introductory course, so it is most suitable for people who are new to their governance role or who want a refresher. This will mainly be trustees, but may also include certain staff members, such as Chief Executives, governance officers, company secretaries and finance leads.  

The course does assume that your charity already has at least a basic standard of governance in place to work from. For example, a written governing document and a defined board or committee who are aware that they are responsible for the governance of the charity.  

If you are looking for more advanced content, our Beyond the Basics course may be more suitable.  

If you think your board is currently in crisis, or experiencing serious problems with its governance, please get in touch with WCVA or your local CVC to discuss the issues before coming on this course.