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The difference we made in 2019/20

Published : 23/11/20 | Categories: Most popular | News |

WCVA has published its annual report for 2019/20 – featuring stories from across the sector, statistics, and more.

At times of crisis, voluntary organisations and volunteers are more essential than ever to ensure our communities feel safe and supported.

This year’s annual report focuses on the three main areas of work that we’ve been most proud of – brilliant examples of how the voluntary sector has united to make a bigger difference together at a time of turbulent change, and what we’ve done to facilitate this.


In the last quarter of the 2019/20 period we were faced with crisis after crisis. We saw immense flooding ravage the homes of people across Wales, and then almost straight away the development of the COVID-19 pandemic completely uprooted everyone’s lives across the world.

There has been extraordinary financial pressure on the voluntary sector because of these issues. We worked with Welsh Government to get emergency funding out to those that needed it most, so that voluntary organisations could continue to provide vital aid and be the backbone of their communities in their time of need.


If we rewind to the end of 2019, the threat of a no-deal Brexit was the main thing on the minds of voluntary organisations. How were we going to get our voices heard over the noise of other worried industries jostling for position? Did the Brexit decision makers know just how important voluntary organisations are?

We facilitated organisations from across the voluntary sector in Wales to come together and have a stronger collective voice on Brexit through our Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit.


This time last year, we held our first ever Welsh Charity Awards. It’s more important than ever to raise the profile of the sector’s essential work, and we’re really grateful to everyone that took part and helped us do that with the awards ceremony.

We heard emotional stories of challenges overcome and got to give some well-deserved recognition to some remarkable people and organisations. It was such a great celebration of the power the voluntary sector has to make a bigger difference together, and we couldn’t be happier you got to share it with us.

If you’d like to know more about our work in 2019/20 you can watch the video below – or you can read the report in full here.

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