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The Charity Commission is changing the way it communicates with Trustees

Published : 10/01/23 | Categories: Information & support |

The Charity Commission is aiming to build more supportive and meaningful relationships with individual trustees. As part of this, they will be introducing ‘My Charity Commission Account’.


Your Charity Commission Account will be the new way you access the Commission’s online services. Over time, it will also be where the Commission provides trustees with tailored support and information to help them their charity well.

In future, anyone who uses the Commission’s online services – whether a trustee, contact or a professional who works on behalf of the charity – will have their own personal account to access the services and information they need.

‘This means the right people can continue to do what they need to on behalf of your charity, while ensuring the information we hold about you and your charity remains secure.’

The Commission will be inviting charity contacts to set up their Charity Commission Accounts from November 2022 onwards, starting by inviting a small number so they can learn from their experience before reaching out to more charities.

If you are a trustee of multiple charities, you’ll have an option to view all your charities in one place. By using the same email address for each charity, you’ll only need to set up one account as it will link it to all your charities.


Continue to use your existing login details to access the Commission’s services.

If you are a charity contact, look out for Charity Commission emails (keep an eye on your junk/spam folders, just in case) – and set up your account when you receive your own bespoke link to register.

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