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Helpforce Wales Manager

Fiona is Helpforce Manager, responsible for the Helpforce initiative in Wales, which aims to develop the potential of volunteering within health and social care services. 

She has worked within the volunteering team at WCVA since 2003 in a variety of roles. Significant projects include the launch of the Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards in 2004, the development of Investing in Volunteers in Wales, managing the Volunteering Spirit Wales project on event volunteering and the development of the volunteering-wales website. 

Previously Fiona undertook postgraduate research in nutrition and worked in Health Promotion with the NHS. She has experience in International Development and has, jointly with her husband, run a training and retreat centre in mid Wales. As a keen volunteer herself Fiona has been a school governor, helped at a community cafe in the Rhondda and at conversation drop in sessions for asylum seekers and is a regular steward at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.

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