Anna Nicholl

Profile picture of Anna Nicholl Director of Strategy & Sector Development at WCVA

Director of Strategy & Sector Development

Anna leads WCVA’s work on policy and developmentmembership and communications, and has been the driving force behind WCVA’s plan for change and strategic framework (read all about the change we want to see here).

Anna has been involved with a number of voluntary organisations, as a volunteer, trustee and staff memberPrior to joining WCVA she worked for the Alliance for Useful Evidence, based in Nesta. She is also a founding Director for Community Interest Company, Egino, which generates ideas on policy and practice to support sustainable wellbeing. Anna was Chair of Welsh Refugee Council from 2012 to 2016.

Anna has worked in government and politics, as a Special Adviser to the Welsh Government Cabinet from 2008 – 2011 and later as Specialist Adviser on Sustainable Communities to Llyr Gruffydd AM.

Anna grew up in Cardigan in west Wales and her favourite thing is swimming in the sea.

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