Staff at talbot community centre prepare meals for delivery

Talbot Community Centre shows that even as we distance, our communities come closer together

Published : 14/04/20 | Categories: Volunteering |

When hundreds of volunteers in and around Kenfig Hill and Porthcawl in Bridgend decided to offer their services for vulnerable people having to self isolate, they weren’t just answering a call to action, they were demonstrating the ingenuity of a community determined to help those in need.

Over 300 people signed up as volunteers, and help such initiatives as those provided by Talbot Community Centre which, following community support is now providing hot meals to over 70s, over 50s with pre-existing medical conditions or mobility issues and vulnerable people of all ages who are struggling to access food supplies for three days a week.

Players from the Ospreys rugby team also got involved with delivering meals, but the Centre wasn’t just offering food for people – they’ve also been providing a vital source of human contact and solidarity for people who may have already been forced to isolate themselves for weeks.

Amy Jones, Talbot Community Centre Manager, said: ‘Our customers are so pleased that with the quality of the food and that we are helping them in this daunting time. Just a cheery voice on the phone when they call and a friendly wave when we leave them their lunches is a boost’

As huge swathes of the population have already shown, whether they’re NHS staff working tirelessly night and day to save lives, vital workers keeping shops stocked with food and necessities, or any of the countless people finding new ways to check in and keep in touch with each other – people in Wales can still find ways to be there for each other without being there.

There’s sure to be an increasing need for volunteers the longer this situation continues, but the work done by Talbot Community Centre and others shows that we can rise to the occasion. Anyone interested in volunteering themselves can register on to be pointed in the direction of someone in need, and we would encourage people to do so.



Staff at talbot community centre prepare meals for delivery
Staff at Talbot Community Centre as they prepare meals for delivery.


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