City Hospice volunteers stand outside the charity shop

‘It gives me a great sense of purpose to support the Hospice’

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A case study from City Hospice, part of our #CharityShopVolunteersWales campaign in partnership with the Charity Retail Association


Masked volunteer stands behind the ill in charity shop

Liz Jervis tells us:

‘The past five months have been difficult for so many people in so many different ways. For charities who rely on fundraising to keep going it has been particularly difficult time.’

‘At City Hospice, the re-opening of some of our shops is a step on the road back to normality (whatever that looks like in the future!) and will provide much needed funding to ensure that our nurses can continue to provide invaluable support to our patients and their families.’

‘As a volunteer, it gives me a great sense of purpose to support the Hospice plus a feeling of adding value and being needed.  Although our shops can’t operate in quite the easy manner that they used to, I’m sure our customers (many of whom are regulars, visiting several times a week) will be glad of the opportunity of not only of buying goods, but to once again have a chat, something they will no doubt have missed during lockdown.’

‘Personally, I’ve missed the camaraderie with the team at the Hospice, the other volunteers that I work with and the customers who come into the shop every week during my shift.’


This week (from 12 October 2020) WCVA in partnership with the Charity Retail Association will be sharing the stories of charity shop volunteers in Wales. Keep an eye on WCVA’s website and social media (where we’ll be using #CharityShopVolunteersWales) to hear about a range of different experiences from individuals volunteering in charity shops.

Volunteering during the pandemic should only be done with due care and consideration for the wellbeing of volunteers, staff and customers. You’ll find safeguarding guidance on our Covid-19 guidance and resources page. For information about limitations or considerations for local lockdowns in wales visit:

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