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Strengthening partnership between Wales & Africa

Published : 25/05/24 | Categories: Funding |

Nine projects have been awarded funding in the latest round of Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa grant scheme.

The Wales and Africa grant scheme enables community groups and organisations in Wales to access funding for small-scale projects that contribute to Wales’ delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goals and deliver benefits to Wales and Africa.

The funded projects work with partners from nine African countries to deliver a wide range of initiatives.

The following organisations were awarded funding in our latest round:

  • SaltPeter Trust
  • Assadaqaat Community Finance
  • Giakonda Solar Schools
  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Charity (Bangor Masanga Link)
  • Interburns
  • Wrexham AFC Community Trust
  • ChallengeAid
  • Love Zimbabwe


The projects will facilitate cultural exchanges and shared learning between Wales and Africa. Welsh professionals and volunteers have the opportunity to learn about diverse perspectives and practices and to develop skills and knowledge they can use for the benefit of people in Wales.

Through community engagement and volunteering opportunities, the projects will also raise awareness of, and promote action on, issues such as climate change, gender equality and tackling poverty, encouraging people in Wales to become active global citizens. 


Aberystwyth University has been working in partnership with Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Program (ZAMEP) for over ten years, developing cutting edge solutions to improve malaria control interventions.

Wales is home to some of the world leaders in drone and satellite imaging technology, which can be used effectively in malaria control. Drones can efficiently and accurately locate pools of water where malarial mosquitoes breed. Once these water sources are mapped, they can be targeted for treatment, reducing mosquito numbers and malaria transmission.

The Wales and Africa grant supported the delivery of a Geographical Information System training programme in Zanzibar to build capacity for processing and analysing digital geographical data. The funding enabled academics from Aberystwyth University to travel to Zanzibar, which provided an invaluable opportunity to strengthen the links with ZAMEP and to co-develop a broader protocol on the use of drones for malaria control in Zanzibar.


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