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Special Terms & Conditions for community centres

Published : 11/12/20 | Categories: Information & support | News |

WCVA has released sample Terms and Conditions for community centre managers in Wales to use when hiring out community centres.

WCVA is pleased to announce that we are now in a position to provide community centre managers with sample Terms and Conditions that can be used when hiring out community centres.

We had hoped to be able to release them sooner but had to consider the changes to regulations and the implications this would have on contractual terms.

You may choose to use some or all of these terms, they are not compulsory for you to use but should help if you haven’t already revised your terms and conditions.

It is very important that you read through the terms to determine which are the most appropriate for your organisation. You must also ensure that you and the hirer understand and abide by the terms, they apply to both parties. The use of these special contract terms should help to ensure that both you as centre managers and those hiring your centre comply with the coronavirus regulations and understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Please note the terms are based on the current regulations as at 10 December 2020, as the regulations change it is highly likely that the terms will also change. WCVA will inform you of these changes through our Covid-19 newsletter which (you can sign up here) and on social media.

The terms were created by Dolmans Solicitors, free of charge. WCVA would like to take this opportunity to thank Dolmans for supporting WCVA and community centres with this. In particular, thank you to Tom Harris for all his hard work. We would also like to thank Becca Falvey at Business in the Community for connecting us with Dolmans.

If you have any questions on the terms or would like to discuss them please contact me, Emma Waldron at rpgenquiries@wcva.cymru.

View and download the template: Sample Special Conditions of Hire during COVID-19. To request a Word version please email rpgenquiries@wcva.cymru.


WCVA has also produced Guidance for community centres reopening in Wales and you can find Welsh Government guidance at: gov.wales/safe-use-multi-purpose-community-centres-covid-19.

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