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Round five of Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa grant scheme is open!

Published : 07/02/20 | Categories: Funding |

Applications are now open for Welsh Government’s flagship initiative enabling organisations across Wales to access funding for projects which contribute to Wales’ delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are seeking applications from groups with the passion and determination to help contribute towards the scheme goals, making a real difference to the communities they reach.

The scheme awards projects making a difference in Wales and Africa under the following themes:

  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Climate Change and the Environment
  • Health

Case Study: Blossom Africa

Blossom Africa were successful in their round two application for £5,000 to work with community members in Bunambutye, Eastern Uganda. Blossom Africa’s mission is to unite people in rural communities in Africa through training and community development opportunities, including savings and loans. Their vision is to create a network of inspired people supporting themselves and each other to eradicate poverty within their communities.

The project supported the 60 existing members of two village saving groups, as well as 60 new members in two more groups. The saving groups support members in proactive saving techniques as well as providing small loans to help members start their own business and other income generating activities.

Blossom Africa undertook a ‘most significant change’ monitoring exercise with the participants of the training. The most common benefit expressed was being able to pay for school fees more easily. This is largely due to the monthly support the team in Uganda have been able to offer group members.

The changing climate in Uganda means that the members of the community need to adapt in order to sustain their income. Training was provided in new farming techniques and group members from two groups each received 5kg maize and 2kg beans as part of the project. The community reported improved yields for the farmers who received the training and seeds.

The Wales and Africa grant also enabled 10 women from the savings groups the opportunity to participate in the District’s International Women’s day celebrations. This was a great opportunity to unite the groups, to represent Blossom Africa at the district level and to give the women an opportunity to participate in an event which they have not had the opportunity to participate in previously.

7 volunteers from Wales gained invaluable experience from being a part of the project as they were able to visit the groups and share knowledge. Blossom Africa shared the success of the project at events in Wales and gave educational talks at schools.

How to apply

The application form is a fillable word and can be submitted by post or email along with the necessary supporting documents. Read WCVA’s webpages and download the scheme guidance and application form.

Applications close 11 March 2020.

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