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Report issued on draft Budget

Published : 03/02/20 | Categories: Influencing |

The Finance Committee has published its report on Welsh Government’s 2020-21 Draft Budget.

WCVA issued a written consultation response and attended a scrutiny session to give oral evidence. Following this, we are pleased to agree with several of the Committee’s recommendations and give them our support. These include:

  • Better integration of the Wellbeing Goals into future budgeting
  • Development of a Budget Improvement Plan
  • Greater understanding of the carbon impact of the budget
  • Greater scenario planning to respond to economic shocks and uncertainty – such as those the sector is currently experiencing due to short-term budgeting cycles
  • An analysis of preventative spend within the Budget
  • Engagement with stakeholders to find better ways to evidence and communicate how Welsh Government has identified priorities and made budgeting decisions
  • Development of new strategies to improve the education, skills and employment opportunities of the most disadvantaged of society

You can read the full report here. Our consultation response is here.

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