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Regulatory Alert for large or complex service delivery charities

Published : 13/07/20 | Categories: Information & support |

The Charity Commission has issued an alert to large service delivery charities with an income of over £9 million.

The alert for charities has been issued to leaders of large or complex, service-providing charities to highlight the importance of transparent and accountable governance.

Your charity will receive the alert if it appears to have the following profile:

  • your charity is large (income over £9 million) and has a more complex governance and management structure (governed by a board of trustees and run by a separate group of executives); and
  • your charity is a service-providing charity, in that your front-line staff directly serve and interact with beneficiaries – some of whom may be vulnerable – and/or provide amenities or facilities to the public. Services can vary from locally provided health, education, advocacy, and transport services, to on-the-ground disaster relief overseas

The alert contains advice to the trustees and executives on managing risks, that can result from governance and management failures, through implementing effective oversight and safeguarding.

If the alert raises any concerns for your charity, please get in touch and we will do our best to assist

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