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The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit

Brexit is the biggest societal upheaval in Wales in the past decade. We want to make sure that voluntary organisations in Wales are prepared for the challenges Brexit will bring.

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit is a joint project between Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre and WCVA that is funded by the Legal Education Foundation

It aims to enhance the capacity of third sector organisations to understand and engage with the Brexit process by:

  • Connecting civil society organisations and leading experts to stimulate informed debate and discussion
  • Provides a coordinating role by facilitating group action and liaising with sister projects across the UK
  • Acts as a contact point for organisations to ask questions on the law and policy of Brexit and to suggest collaborations.

The Forum publishes regular briefings, disseminates a regular, short Brexit update newsletter, host an online resource hub and organises regular Brexit related events. 

It can also respond to requests for tailored information on Brexit from organisations.

Getting Brexit Ready

Is your organisation ready for Brexit? The Getting Brexit Ready guide is intended to help voluntary organisations in Wales prepare for Brexit by highlighting some key questions to consider and by bringing together various available resources. 

It covers a very wide range of organisations and is therefore, by necessity, broad. Individual contingency planning and context will vary from sector to sector and organisation to organisation. 

For this reason, please bear in mind that this guide cannot cover all scenarios and recommendations but can be used as a starting point.

Brexit Forum Findings

The Forum has organised a series of roundtable events with voluntary organisations and academics on the topic of civil society and Brexit in Wales. 

The Brexit Forum Findings are a summary account of the principles and concerns emerging from these discussions. 

Please get in touch if you would like to put your organisation name to it, to inform its ongoing updates or obtain information on Brexit tailored to the voluntary sector.

Get in touch

For any other queries relating to:

    • Forum briefings 
    • data, information and research
    • availability to speak at events and internal meetings where Brexit related content would be helpful
    • One to one consultations on the implications of Brexit for specific organisations
    • Collaborative events and initiatives

Please contact Charles Whitmore, Brexit Civil Society Forum Coordinator on