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New approach to volunteering in Wales

UK Research and Consultancy Services is supporting the co-creation of a new approach to volunteering in Wales by key volunteering stakeholders.


Key volunteering stakeholders are co-creating a new approach to volunteering in Wales supported by Welsh Government. It aims to update and extend existing volunteering policy in line with the latest research findings, and to reflect good practice found in other countries.

Welsh Government has commissioned UK Research and Consultancy Services (UKRCS) to support this work. UKRCS helped to develop a more strategic approach to volunteering grant funding and have extensive experience working with the voluntary sector in Wales.

WCVA is hosting this web page to make sure information about the project is as widely available as possible.


The new approach will be co-designed with volunteering stakeholders from all sectors. The Volunteering Cross-Sectoral Leadership Group (see below) brings together a wide range of volunteering stakeholders is overseeing the work and providing key insights and ideas.

The work will look at all aspects of volunteering including ‘informal’ and employee volunteering. It will consider policy areas such as:

  • health and social care
  • sports and arts
  • environment and climate change
  • education and young people, and
  • Welsh language and communities.

It will also include the role of local authorities and public bodies.

The new approach will be developed across 2024 and published along with an implementation plan in early 2025.

The Volunteering Cross-Sectoral Leadership Group

The Volunteering Cross-Sectoral Leadership Group, facilitated by WCVA and Welsh Government, brings together stakeholders from the voluntary, public and private sectors. The group meets to identify and set strategic priorities, attract more resources, and inform policy developments.


We are keen to involve as many volunteering stakeholders as possible, and to hear the views of volunteers themselves. For information about the progress of the work please email Sandra Harris:

This web page will be updated with a summary of progress by 15 May 2024 and regularly after that.


This bilingual survey offers an early opportunity to contribute insights and ideas that will shape the new approach. Later in 2024, there will be a follow up survey to test emerging options.


You’ll find more on volunteering over on our volunteering pages.