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New self-assessment tool for volunteer engagement

Published : 21/09/20 | Categories: Volunteering |

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) Essentials is a new free tool to help ensure that volunteers have the best possible experience.

Across the UK, a new free tool is being made available to help ensure that your volunteers have the best possible experience and can make the biggest difference to the cause.

IiV Essentials has been developed by volunteers (and the staff who support them) from across the UK.

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do, helping people, contributing to your community, and changing the world around us.

It can be truly transformative – both for the people that volunteer, and the organisations that benefit from their time and experience.

It is incredibly powerful when the relationship works well for both the individual and the organisation.

‘A welcome tool for many’

WCVA (alongside NCVO, Volunteer Scotland and Volunteer Now) are launching a new free tool to help you improve the volunteer experience at your organisation, ensuring that volunteers are involved in delivering your mission in the best way possible.

Felicitie Walls, Volunteering Manager at WCVA recognises why this new tool may be particularly useful at this time.

‘Volunteering involving organisations are taking a good hard look at how they deliver volunteering programmes in the current climate and reconsidering how they involve volunteers across a range of service areas.

‘We hope the free self-assessment tool will be a welcome tool for many who would benefit from a volunteer focused framework through which to improve practice.’

Six core areas

Developed by volunteers and the staff who support them from across the UK, IiV Essentials is an introduction to the quality standard for good practice in volunteer management and meaningful volunteer involvement  – it’s a simple and easy way to get started on improving the impact volunteering has for your organisation.

Focussing on six core areas, you’ll be guided through a series of questions that will help you define how you support and engage your volunteers, how they contribute to your mission and how they enhance your services for the people who use them.

An IiV Essentials user involved in the piloting of the new self-assessment tool shared their experience.

‘The tool has been useful to not only consider the processes and background support that is in place to support volunteers in their roles, but also to consider it from the other side of how the volunteers might experience their roles and what improvements we could make to encourage more engagement and fulfilment.’

If your organisation would like to use the tool, you can find out more about IiV Essentials:

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