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New round of Active Inclusion now open

Published : 08/01/21 | Categories: Funding |

A new round of Active Inclusion funding is now open on WCVA’s Multipurpose Application Portal (MAP). The closing date for this round is 5 February 2021.

Organisations on the Approved Beneficiary List for Active Inclusion can view the funding rounds by logging on to MAP and clicking on the Applications screen where you will see the rounds your organisation is eligible for.

Alongside the familiar WWV-25+ and EW-25+ categories, please note that for this upcoming round we will also be inviting applications under two additional, new categories:

‘National Nature Service for Wales’

Through this pilot round of Active Inclusion Funding, WCVA will support the ‘National Nature Service for Wales’ initiative.  This is a country-wide movement for action to restore nature whilst building the regenerative economy, funding projects that:

  • Deliver direct benefits for nature
  • Build relevant skills and capacities in our workforce
  • Create new livelihood opportunities in the regenerative economy


  • aligns them in a coherent movement towards green recovery.

The fund will support projects in just one of the three Active Inclusion Fund formats: ‘Include’.

Housing Association projects

Through this pilot round of Active Inclusion Funding, WCVA will fund housing associations to support people into employment, through activities associated with their own building and refurbishment programmes, demonstrating the value of employability funding that complements capital investment.

Housing associations have received additional Social Housing Grant monies, to fund the construction of new social homes, social housing development plans and the decarbonisation of existing homes.

This opens up the possibility of being able to offer paid supported work placements that will give people new skills and work experience and contribute to the reduction of benefits dependency, social exclusion and poverty.

The fund will support projects in two of the three Active Inclusion Fund formats: ‘Achieve’ or ‘Combined’.

Please also note that no applications are being invited in this round for the Active Inclusion ‘Youth’ funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Active Inclusion team via who will be happy to assist you with any queries you might have about your project ideas and also about completing the application form and the project profile.

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