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More than a Committee

Published : 13/09/21 | Categories: Information & support |

This week (from 13 September  to 17), Mudiad Meithrin is running their #MoreThanACommittee campaign to celebrate the work of members of the voluntary management committees that run Cylchoedd Meithrin, sharing good practice and encouraging others to join them in their work, and say thank you!

Over fifty years, Mudiad Meithrin has grown to become an umbrella organisation and national network for early years and childcare settings provided in Welsh. They facilitate services for children and their families – informal parent and baby groups to early years playgroups and nurseries providing childcare. In order to do this, they depend on a national network – thousands of people – who volunteer on their local Cylch Meithrin’s voluntary management committee. They take responsibility for all aspects of the Cylch Meithrin’s business including employment, Health and Safety and safeguarding. Without their willing co-operation it would be impossible for Mudiad Meithrin to do their work effectively.


Mudiad Meithrin is a valued member of WCVA and we have been pleased to support the organisation with good governance by reviewing current practice and making recommendations. We are aware that the organisation has a robust approach to governance and uses the UK Charity Governance Code to assess itself against the standard endorsed by the Charity Commission. We are also delighted to see staff from Mudiad Meithrin as regular attendees at WCVA’s governance webinars and events.

The UK Charity Governance Code states that ‘Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success. A charity is best placed to achieve its ambitions and aims if it has effective governance and the right leadership structures.’  It’s important that Meithrin committees put into place good governance structures and processes to ensure their organisations are well run and legally compliant.

Good governance as a key to success

To support this, we would recommend that Mudiad Meithrin make sure that trustees receive a full induction when they join the organisation and are offered training on their responsibilities. WCVA and our local CVC partners offer lots of training courses, events and webinars that trustees will find helpful. They can also get in touch with us for information and guidance.

Our Third Sector Support Wales Knowledge Hub contains numerous information sheet, e-learning courses and discussion areas, so why not register today to access these resources.

We support Mudiad Meithrin in their efforts to make a difference and create a vibrant Welsh speaking community. There is no need for an individual to be a parent to be a member of a committee on a local Cylch Meithrin – everyone is welcome! More information can be found here: 

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