‘Long-term shift in behaviour’ necessary to make reuse and recycle strategy successful

Published : 14/04/20 | Categories: Influencing |

We have responded to Welsh Government’s consultation on the Circular Economy.

The consultation looked at proposals around how Wales can:

  • move towards zero waste by 2050
  • scrutinise how we use resources
  • encourage the reuse, repair and remanufacture products and materials
  • maximise the economic and social opportunities of a more circular economy.

The voluntary sector has been at the forefront of creating and promoting the circular economy. That includes global initiatives like ‘Freecycle’, as well as charity shops and a host of local social enterprises.

In our response, we note that:

  • A long-term shift in behaviour needs to be encouraged to help procurers have more regard to reuse and recycling of materials.
  • Community benefits should be core requirements of contracts, rather than simply desirable additions.
  • We would like Welsh Government to set out what it hopes to see from the review into the carrier bag charge before it begins and involve the voluntary sector in any discussions about any future amendments to the charge.
  • A new Circular Economy Strategy must include the Future Generations Act at its heart in order to ensure progress towards the seven Wellbeing Goals.
  • We would expect the Strategy to be integrated with the aims of fair work and an inclusive economy as described in the Social Partnerships Bill.
  • Bringing communities and businesses together in collective action is vital, but it must be ensured that there is little to no additional bureaucracy involved as this has the potential to stifle the action that the Strategy is meant to be growing.
  • It’s important for Welsh Government to support existing initiatives as well as new ones, or else there may be a situation where organisations do the same work and compete for the same funding pots.
  • Core funding for projects is vital so these organisations can take care of rent, staff costs, vehicle purchases and other costs necessary

You can read the full response here.

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