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Life after EU for Wales’ voluntary sector

Published : 23/04/21 | Categories: Influencing |

On Wednesday 14 April a range of representatives from across the voluntary sector in Wales came together to discuss what life after EU membership could mean for the sector in Wales.

The session provided an opportunity to hear from academics, trade union representation and Welsh Government on what we have learnt in the 100 days since the Trade and Co-operation Agreement came into effect.


The roundtable discussion allowed delegates to consider the implications of withdrawal from the European Union on areas such as rights, opportunities for our young people, funding and relationships.

A clear need was identified for the sector to use some of the opportunities provided through the Trade and Co-operation Agreement to position itself in a way which will ensure its voice is heard to truly influence the changes we expect to see as we move into a different landscape.

These opportunities will allow the sector to forge new and strengthen existing relationships with partners across the UK, Europe and at a global level. To maximise these opportunities, it will be essential for the sector to have a unified voice, shared desire and partnerships with stakeholders from the other sectors, to move forward in a positive way.


To build on these discussions, the voluntary councils from across the four nations held a further event on the 23 April to enable voluntary organisations from across the UK to establish where there are shared concerns, priorities and opportunities. This will provided an opportunity to discuss coordinated representation considering the Trade and Cooperation Agreement’s provisions for civil society representation and dialogue.

In the weeks following these events we will take some time to establish what support we can provide through WCVA, the Wales Governance Centre, our sister councils and other partners to ensure the sector’s voice is clear and is heard.

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