Leadership bursary returns

Leadership bursary returns

Published : 06/12/21 | Categories: Funding |

For the first time since 2019 the Walter Dickie Leadership Bursary is now open for applications.

The Walter Dickie Leadership Bursary aims to help leaders in the voluntary sector to develop their entrepreneurial leadership skills. The annual award grants £2,500 to support an individual in Wales to become a better leader.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2022.


As a member of WCVA’s board Walter Dickie’s expertise, experience and commitment to the voluntary sector have had a profound impact on the work of WCVA and those who had the pleasure of working with him.

Thanks to Walter’s dedication, WCVA has been able to lend over ten million pounds to community organisations, many working in the most deprived areas of Wales.

Walter sadly passed away in 2017 so to honour his memory, and continue the development of entrepreneurial leadership in the third sector that he gave so much time to support, WCVA set up The Walter Dickie Leadership Bursary.


A bursary of £2,500 will be awarded annually to someone in a leadership role within a voluntary organisation in Wales to help them become a more entrepreneurial leader. This could be someone working in a social enterprise with an idea of how to develop their trading activity, or a leader within the sector who wants to generate income from trading for the first time.

The parameters of how the bursary can be spent are open and applicants are encouraged to come up with interesting ideas to support their own development as an entrepreneurial leader. Walter had a passion for travel and for learning, and WCVA wanted this bursary to reflect that. The money could for instance be used:

  • on a particular course of study
  • on funding a visit, possibly overseas, to see how others approach things, or
  • simply anything that the beneficiary feels will move them and their organisation forward

The only limits are in your imagination!


The scope of the bursary was developed pre-pandemic and we realise that travel might not be possible or advisable this year because of COVID-19. Please follow government guidelines and consider whether the activities you outline in your application could be affected by a change in restrictions.

Because of coronavirus we are encouraging applicants to think differently about how they might use the bursary. This year we will be prepared to make more than one award within the available £2,500 if applicants apply for less than the full amount due to travel restrictions or other COVID-19 limitations.

To apply please email sic@wcva.cymru for an application form, or for more information and examples of how the bursary has been used in the past please visit our Walter Dickie Leadership Bursary page.

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