Public consultations are a great way for voluntary organisations to influence the areas that they are passionate about.

Governments and other public bodies will open a consultation to seek public views on a piece of work, project, policy or law. Consultations help them to engage with the public, be more transparent and benefit from the expertise of other organisations, such as charities, which are often paving the way in their particular field.


Open consultations from the Senedd, Welsh Government and others. Have your say on what matters to you.

Consultation Deadline
Proposed changes to the Putting Things Right process 6 May 2024
14 to 16 learning under the Curriculum for Wales 8 May 2024
Access to High Street Banking in Wales 8 May 2024
 Raising the weekly maximum charge for adult non-residential care and support  13 May 2024
Draft mental health and wellbeing strategy 11 June2024
Draft suicide and self-harm prevention strategy 11 June2024
Consultation on the (draft) Partnership Arrangements (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 2024 9 July 2024


An archive of WCVA’s recent consultation responses.

Welsh Government Dormant Assets (February 2024)

‘We ask that Welsh Government and the National Lottery commit to fully engage and consult with the sector to devise a funding methodology aimed at increasing long-term impact of this funding in line with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.’

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2024-25 (January 2024)

‘Voluntary organisations are grappling with acute financial and operational pressures.’

Work Capability Assessment: activities and descriptors (October 2023)

‘The DWP should continue to acknowledge the benefits of volunteering, but volunteering should never be mandated as ‘work preparation activity’, or in any way tied to individuals’ level of benefit.’

Work Capability Assessment: activities and descriptors (October 2023)

‘The DWP should continue to acknowledge the benefits of volunteering, but volunteering should never be mandated as ‘work preparation activity’, or in any way tied to individuals’ level of benefit.’

Strategy and Policy Statement for Energy Policy in Great Britain (August 2023)

‘The statement could be improved to clearly prioritise energy security, clean technology, and the wellbeing of communities.’

Rebalancing care and support programme (August 2023)

‘In order to realise the full potential benefit of involving the third sector and volunteers, long term sustainable investment is needed.’

Post-EU Regional Development Funding (May 2023)

‘One of the biggest concerns for the voluntary sector is over the timescales of the UKSPF.’

Competence Framework for Social Prescribing Practitioners in Wales (April 2023)

‘The framework is seen as a positive development and generally fit for its intended purpose.’

The Charity Commission’s Draft guidance – charities and social media (March 2023)

‘We feel the draft is a good starting point, but we would like to see more detail and examples to help guide users.’

The National Framework for Social Prescribing (October 2022)

‘The model should place increased emphasis on the role of social prescribing as being preventative, rather than as form of care.’

The Innovation Strategy for Wales (October 2022)

‘WCVA prioritises economic resilience ahead of economic growth per se, and would like to see the Innovation Strategy play a key part in ensuring Wales is able to be more resilient in the face of existing and future challenges.’

Revisions to the Annual Return (August 2022)

‘We do not believe the current question on volunteer numbers asks for the right information.’

Further Milestones to Measure Our Nation’s Progress (August 2022)

‘It’s important to note any data collected would only present an incomplete picture so long as ‘volunteering’ means different things to different people.’

Cross-Party Groups (August 2022)

‘It is not clear to the voluntary sector, including some of those that actually sit on these groups, what the exact function of CPGs is intended to be.’

The Constitutional Future of Wales (July 2022)

‘The constitution enables different governments at UK and Wales levels to take very different policy positions.’

The Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill (July 2022)

‘Commissioners should consider the Living Wage a key component to delivering social value.’

Inquiry into Lobbying (June 2022)

‘While a lobbying register may help boost transparency and accountability of Welsh Government, concerns have been expressed by the voluntary sector’

Post-EU Funding arrangements (April 2022)

‘With the UKSPF not yet operational, the voluntary sector’s facing a cliff edge, with the inevitable loss of capacity, expertise and infrastructure from the sector and support services for some of Wales’ most in need people and places.’

Consultation on Terms of Reference for COVID-19 enquiry (April 2022)

‘The draft Terms of Reference make no mention of the incredible work of the voluntary sector and volunteering during the pandemic.’

Human Rights Act Reform (April 2022)

‘The proposals are unnecessary as the Human Rights Act does not need replacing.’

Developing a strategic mental health workforce plan for health and social care (April 2022)

‘We welcome the recognition that volunteers have a vital role to play within mental health services and the need to better quantify and integrate this into long-term workforce planning.’

Corporate Joint Committees regulations (2) (December 2021)

‘We welcome the Minister’s intent to increase collaboration and focus on democratic
accountability across these structures.’

Scrutinising public administration (December 2021)

‘There is a need for greater co-ordination and joint understanding across
government portfolios of the role of the voluntary sector and its interactions
with the public sector.’

Welsh Government draft Budget proposals 2022-23 (November 2021)

‘Welsh Government should prioritise voluntary sector services in the next Budget and
offer longer-term funding cycles of three or more years to help the sector be
more secure and sustainable.’

Using National Milestones and Indicators to Measure a Nation’s Progress (October 2021)

Milestones and indicators will have little impact, no matter what they are, if they are not owned and understood widely by all, with a real focus on participation and coproduction. The voluntary sector has a key role to play here.’ 

LGBTQ+ Action Plan (October 2021)

While the Action Plan certainly appears as if it will increase equality for LGBTQ+ people, a number of voluntary sector organisations have expressed concern to WCVA about the length of time they fear this will take.’

Corporate Joint Committees Guidance (September 2021)

There is very little reference to third sector input into the CJCs. Paragraph 4.4 says only that such input needs to be ‘considered’. The lack of obligation to engage with civil society is concerning.’

Corporate Joint Committees Regulations (August 2021)

‘It is welcome that the sector can be ‘co-opted’ to a CJC. Any representatives who are co-opted in this way must be offered support and resource to ensure they are able to maximise the impact this role may offer.’

Race Equality Action Plan (July 2021)

‘WCVA is disappointed in how little recognition the Plan offers on the informal volunteering work done by Black, Asian and Minority ethnic individuals for their respective communities.’

The potential of civil society (May 2021)

‘It’s vital that civil society can actively shape the society we want to see.’

Draft Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill (April 2021)

‘The priority must be providing opportunities for fair work to those who have been most disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.’

Rebalancing care and support (February 2021)

‘Foremost to any proposed change is the importance of citizens; those who benefit or are likely to benefit from care and support services whoever is providing them.’

Social Care Market Stability Reports (November 2020)

‘The essential feature is how the Population Needs Assessments are conducted and the ways in which people are involved and how their views, experiences and needs clearly inform the Market Stability Reports.’

Barriers to successful implementation of the Future Generations Act (November 2020)

‘Welsh Government should place the Act up front and central as it ‘builds back better’ from the pandemic.’

Welsh Government draft Budget proposals 2021-22 (November 2020)

‘In order to perform its crucial role within communities both during and postpandemic, and given the loss of income many organisations have suffered, Welsh Government may need to further fund voluntary sector organisations assisting with the recovery.’

A Digital Special Health Authority for Wales (November 2020)

‘The voluntary sector has access to valuable data. We feel strongly that the
DHSA should make use of this information in the planning and development of services, as well as data it makes available as part of its reporting process.’

The impact of Covid-19 on equality and human rights

‘The impacts have served to highlight existing inequalities across society, with many felt more keenly and immediately by people who were already
experiencing income, social and societal disadvantage.’

Leadership principles in health and social care

‘Compassionate leadership should be integral to integration, with the voluntary sector a crucial partner’

The impact of Covid-19 on the environment and climate change

‘Environmental organisations have, like the majority of sector organisations, suffered severe financial losses during the outbreak. This has hindered their essential work and will continue to do so into the future.’

A framework for regional investment in Wales

‘A delivery model integrating a mix of national, regional and local led investment and activity is needed to achieve the preferred outcomes.’

Covid-19 and its impact on health and social services

‘Communities have come together quickly, often without formal structures, to assist with  services. This freedom has empowered communities to come up with their own solutions
to meet problems and gaps in support.’

Wales and the Shared Prosperity Fund

#’The Structural funds have had a substantial impact on the third sector in Wales and subsequently those individuals who are the hardest to reach, and our most disadvantaged communities.’

The impact of Covid-19 on the Welsh economy

‘The voluntary sector will continue to need long-term financial support to play its part in the recovery of the economy.’

The Circular Economy Strategy

‘A long-term shift in behaviour needs to be encouraged to help procurers have more regard for reuse and recycling of materials.’